Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hit the Beach - Overview

Hit the Beach - Box Cover
I picked up Hit the Beach the other day and I was really excited since I am a big World War 2 history buff. This game was made in 1965 by Milton Bradley as a part of their American Heritage Command Decision Strategy Games series. All players represent the US as they storm an island in the Pacific controlled by the Japanese.

The Components
  • Board (tri-fold)
  • 1 die (red with gold dots)
  • Instructions (under box lid)
  • 32 page color booklet "A concise account of amphibious warfare in the Pacific during World War II"
  • 14 yellow Japanese defender pieces
  • 24 American divisions pieces in 4 colors (red, blue, green red)
    • 6 pieces per color
      • 2 Marine Divisions
      • 2 Army Infantry Divisions
      • 1 Naval Landing Support piece
      • 1 Strategic Air Support piece

Hit the Beach - US Division Pieces
US Division Pieces
Hit the Beach - Japanese Defender Pieces
Japanese Defender Pieces
Hit the Beach - 32 Page Color Booklet
32 Page Color Booklet
The Design

I love the theme and design of this game. The pieces are nice, especially for their time, and the artwork on the board is really cool with pictures of US troops landing on the beach, aircraft carriers, Japanese Zeros and more. The board also has details of the islands and atolls being stormed, including the defenses and landed Japanese Zeros.

Stayed tuned for my next post where I will go through the game play.

Hit the Beach - Board

Hit the Beach - Board 1

Hit the Beach - Board 2

Game: Hit the Beach
Publisher: Milton Bradley
Series: American Heritage Command Decision Strategy Games
Year: 1965
Number of Players: 2-4 Players
Suggested Ages: 9 and up