Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dungeon Roll Overview & Review

Dungeon Roll Box


Dungeon Roll is a dice rolling dungeon crawl where you try to delve as far into the dungeon as possible. In the box/treasure chest you get.....

1 Rule Book

1 Book of Heroes

24 Experience Tokens
These come in denominations of 1, 3, 5 and 10 and you will receive them based on how far you delve into the dungeon and for defeating a dragon.
Dungeon Roll Experience Tokens

36 Treasure Tokens
You will receive treasure tokens for opening treasure chests during your delve and for defeating a dragon.

Token explanations:
  • Top row, left to right
    • Town Portal: Collect experience equal to current Dungeon Level and escape the Dungeon. So if you are at level 7 of the dungeon and you left without this token you would gain 7 experience, with this token you would gain 14 experience.
    • Dragon Bait: Transform all remaining monsters into Dragon Faces. This would allow you to fight the dragon, you would not want to do this unless you had 3 separate party members.
    • Dragon Scale: Each pair of Dragon Scales is worth two additional experience at the end of the game. These are useless in the actual delve, but good for gaining experience.
    • Potion: Revive 1 Party Die from the Graveyard and choose its face. Potions are your best friend in delves allow you to revive a used Party Die as any character you want.
    • Ring of Invisibility: Clear all dice from the Dragon's Lair. This does not count as defeating the Dragon. You would want to use this if you have to fight a dragon and you are incapable of defeating the dragon; you do not gain experience or treasure by using the ring to sneak past the dragon.
    • Scroll: Can be used as a Scroll. Scrolls allow you to re-roll any number of Party and/or Dungeon Dice.
  • Bottom row, left to right
    • These can all be used as party members and kill monsters and dragons, open chests and use potions.
    • Scepter of Power: Can be used as a Mage. 
    • Vorpal Sword: Can be used as a Fighter.
    • Talisman: Can be used as a Cleric.
    • Thieves' Tools: Can be used as a Thief.

Dungeon Roll Treasure Tokens

7 Party Dice
There are seven dice with 6 different icons.
  • From left to right
    • Champion (shown twice)
    • Cleric
    • Fighter
    • Mage
    • Thief
    • Scroll
All these are used as party members, except the scroll, which can be used at anytime to re-roll any number of Party or Dungeon Dice.
Dungeon Roll Party Dice

7 Dungeon Dice
There are seven dice with 6 different icons.
  • Middle row, from left to right
    • Dragon (also top row)
    • Goblin
    • Skeleton
    • Ooze
  • Bottom row, from left to right
    • Potion
    • Treasure Chest
Dungeon Roll Dungeon Dice

10-sided Die
This die is used to track which level of the dungeon you are currently at; the dragon symbol is level 10.
Dungeon Roll 10-Sided Die

8 Base Set Hero Cards
In the base set you can choose from one of eight heroes, each with their own unique abilities. These images are for the front of the hero cards. Once you gain at least 5 experience points you can flip your hero card to the other side.

Dungeon Roll Hero Cards Fronts

These are the back side of the hero cards which show the leveled up hero.

Dungeon Roll Hero Cards Backs

4 Player Aids
The game comes with four 2-sided cards with explanations of the treasure tokens and abilities of different party dice symbols.
Dungeon Roll Help Cards

My 2 Cents

I really, really like this game. Here are the reasons I like it!
  • Simple and easy to learn
    • You can teach this game to people very quickly, within just a few minutes, or by having them play as the dungeon master on the first delve
  • Kids can play it
    • My 7 year old was able to play this game easily
  • Quick to play
    • You can pull this game out and play solo in 10-15 minutes
  • Solo
    • Great for those time when there is no one else to play a game with or when traveling by yourself
  • Small footprint
    • The box is 4.1" wide and doesn't take up much space; I love games, but they start to take up a lot of space over time
  • Travel friendly
    • Because it comes in a small box it travels easily
  • Replay ability
    • When I purchased this game I did not expect that it could be replayed over and over but I was wrong; having multiple heroes and a press your luck style to it gives it good replay ability.
I will give Dungeon Roll 7.5 out of 10 bears.

Game: Dungeon Roll
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Year: 2013
Number of Players: 1 to 4
Suggested Ages: 8 and up