Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dungeon Roll Picture Play Through

Dungeon Roll Box

Dungeon Roll is a dice rolling, dungeon crawl game that can be played solo or with up to 4 players. A game of Dungeon Roll involves each player delving into the dungeon 3 times, trying to go as deep into the dungeon as they can. This is a play-by-play with pictures through a solo game for one delve.

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Game Setup

To setup the game, put all the treasure tokens into the treasure chest (the game box) and set aside the experience tokens.
Dungeon Roll Box with Treasure Tokens 

Next, choose which hero you want to play with from the eight available heroes. For this delve I chose Occultist. Her specialty is that Clerics may be used as Mages and Mages may be used as Clerics. This card can also be tapped to Animate Dead which transforms 1 Skeleton into a Fighter.
Dungeon Roll Occultist Card

Next I roll the 7 Party Dice to determine the characters that I will use for my delve. I get a Thief, 2 Fighters, 2 Champions, a Cleric and a Scroll.

Dungeon Roll Party Roll

Level 1. I set the Dungeon Die to 1 to start my delve.

Dungeon Roll Dice Level 1

I roll 1 Dungeon Die and get a Treasure Chest. I can choose to use a Party Die to open the chest and take a treasure token, but I choose not to since I want to save my Party Dice so I can go deeper.

Dungeon Roll Level 1 Roll

Level 2. I will roll 2 Dungeon Dice and I get a Treasure Chest and a Potion. This is another fortunate dice roll! I will once again choose not to take either of these dice and continue onto Level 3.

Dungeon Roll Level 2 Roll

Level 3. I roll 3 Dungeon Dice and this time I get my first monsters, 1 Goblin and 2 Oozes. I will use my Cleric to handle both of the Oozes and 1 of my 2 Fighters to handle the Goblin.

Dungeon Roll Level 2 Matchup

My remaining party after Level 3 includes a Thief, a Fighter, 2 Champions and a Scroll.

Dungeon Roll Level 2 Remaining Party

Level 4. I roll 4 dice and get a Dragon (which is set aside), an Ooze and 2 Potions. 

Dungeon Roll Level 4 Roll

I use a Champion to take care of the Ooze and my last Fighter to take the 2 Potions, which will allow me to revive 2 Party Dice. I chose to recover a Mage and a Fighter. 

Dungeon Roll Level 4 Matchup

This is my party going into Level 5. I am feeling pretty good about this delve at this point! I have 4 separate party members, which is good since I will need 3 different party members to fight a dragon, and I still have a Scroll.

Dungeon Roll Level 4 Remaining Party

Level 5. This time I roll 5 dice and I get a Dragon (set aside for a total of 2), 2 Potions and 2 Oozes. 

Dungeon Roll Level 5 Roll

I use the Mage to take down the Oozes and the Fighter to take the 2 Potions. Then I choose to revive a Mage and a Fighter.

Dungeon Roll Level 5 Matchup

Going into Level 6 I still have a great party with a Thief, Mage, Champion, Fighter and a Scroll.

Dungeon Roll Level 5 Remaining Party

Level 6. I only roll 6 dice since that is all that is left (since I have 2 set aside with Dragons) and I get a Skeleton, 2 Oozes and 2 Potions. Another fortunate roll!

Dungeon Roll Level 6 Roll

I use my Hero's Ultimate Ability which allows me to transform 1 Skeleton into a Fighter.

Dungeon Roll Occultist Card

I then use the Skeleton to take the 2 Potions and the Mage to kill the 2 Oozes. From the 2 Potions I recover a Mage and a Cleric. 

Dungeon Roll Level 6 Matchup

Going into Level 7 I am feeling real good about my chances! I have a Thief, a Mage, a Cleric, a Fighter, a Champion and a Potion. 

Level 7. I have been very lucky so far, let's see if it continues. I roll 5 dice again and this time I get a 3rd Dragon, 1 Skeleton, 1 Potion and 2 Chests. 

Dungeon Roll Level 7 Roll

I must defeat the Skeleton to get to the Treasure Chests, the Potion and the Dragon. I use the Cleric to defeat the Skeleton. I use the Thief to open both Treasure Chests; only the Thief can open more than one Treasure Chest. I leave the Potion alone and I use the Fighter, Champion and Mage to slay the Dragon. 

Dungeon Roll Level 7 Matchup

For the 2 Treasure Chests I drew 2 Treasure Tokens from the box and I get a Vorpal Sword, which is a Fighter, and a 2XP Town Portal. I could have used the Vorpal Sword as a Fighter to help defeat the Dragon and saved my Fighter dice.

For defeating the Dragon I gain 1 XP token and a Treasure Token. I drew a Ring of Invisibility, which allows you to sneak past the Dragon instead of fighting him. When you use the Ring of Invisibility to sneak past a Dragon you do not get credit for slaying the Dragon, but the dice are reset and you don't have to spend your Party Dice to go deeper in your delve. I also have a Scroll Party Dice left. 

Dungeon Roll Treasure Tokens & Scroll Dice

At this point if I decide to continue onto level 8 I would only have a Vorpal Sword and a Scroll, but I would be rolling all 7 dice. It would take an absolute miracle to get past 8 and to move onto 9. I choose not to continue and I will return to town.

Since I reached level 7 of the dungeon I will receive 7 XP; since I have the 2XP Town Portal that doubles and I gain 14 XP. Along with the 1 XP I earned for slaying the dragon I end my first delve with 15 XP. That is a great first delve! I would return the remaining Treasure Tokens back to the box. I can also flip over my Hero Card to the leveled up side, which would be the Necromancer. 

Dungeon Roll Necromancer Card

I will not cover the rest of the game play for my next 2 delves, but the next 2 delves did not go as well as the first and I ended up with 24 XP total, which means I only earned another 10 XP on the next 2 delves combined.

Game: Dungeon Roll
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Year: 2013
Number of Players: 1 to 4
Suggested Ages: 8 and up